2013: A Head of One’s Time

10 February 2013


Quartier Francais

Franschhoek, South Africa

‘A Head of One’s Time’ is a body of work featuring heads that act as  holding templates for various states of mind. Frozen in time, they serve as windows into those minds. From wall-mounted copper and steel cut-outs, patinated through a specialised etching technique, to standing heads in stainless-steel plated metal, Pfaff expresses states of being circumscribed by the anatomy of the head.

The exhibition is a heads-up to seeing consciousness, perception and a sense of identity seated in the head. These cranial conundrums, whether of skullduggery (see ‘Trust me I’m a lawyer’) or minding one’s own business (‘School of thought inside my head’), are a constant source of inquiry into how we play societal games, hold our dreams and visions, frame our relation to others, or are caught up in our respective historical dramas.

Head 1
36 cm w x 43 cm high

Memory of yesterday
Stainless steel
36 cm x 36 cm


Head 2
41 cm w x 36 cm h
Plated steel

Head runner
Nickle plated steel
30 cm w x 36 cm

Head 3

Dreaming of Africa
32 cm w x 38 cm h
Nickel plated steel, 

Memory of a dark shadow
Stainless steel
36 x 36 x 4 cm

Sunday morning dreaming
Stainless steel
34 cm w x 36 cm h

School of thought inside my head
Nickel plated steel
34 cm w x 36 cm h