20 January 2010

Cape Town, South Africa

‘A Body of Art’ is perennial Pfaff. Mythological creatures and figures navigate existence and time furiously. Journeying is the leitmotif. Being somebody. Finding oneself. Looking, diving, dreaming, aspiring, perspiring, swimming, sailing, navigating. Ultimately the journey takes one back to one’s roots or centre, from where it all began, as in the labyrinthine tableaux. Put that in your pipe and Pfaff on it.

Last supper
90 cm diameter

Traffic circle
120 cm diameter

Journey to the centre of the earth
120 cm diameter

Flight suspended
180 cm wide

Mission to the edge of the universe
180 cm wide

Out of time
180 cm wide

The homecoming
90 cm wide

Pendelum inside my head
180 cm high

The fish in the fisherman
90 cm w x 120 cm h nickle plated steel,

Negotiations in the dark
150 cm wide