25 May – 11 June 2011

G2 Art

Cape Town, South Africa

Uwe Pfaff is a master of diverse media, known particularly for his compelling work in metal – engaging forms which tease the onlooker with their powerful presence. Posing the perennial question: ‘What is time? What shape might it be?’ Pfaff muses, ‘Are we running out of time or is time running out of us?’

This exhibition of Navigators and Heads is iconic Uwe Pfaff, shape-shifting from earlier gleaming nickel-plated works to nuanced copper and brass. The Head Series examines identity, both in our own individual head and the heads of others.

Within our dreams we fly beyond the bounds of earth. Seeing ahead, the artist as visionary fulfils the shamanic role of time traveller, Uwe rockets us, by proxy, to realms pregnant with mythic content and possibility.

Playing with surfaces, textures and patinas, Uwe flirts with the metaphysical. He clothes his psychonauts with imagined skins – a shared delight where the artist has visualised and captured the magical travels and re-entry phenomena of the dream-world.

Inside view

Inside view

Heads 2

Keith and I

Group 6

Heads 1